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Travel Favorites from Amazon

Right before we did our big trip moving to Germany, I developed a small tick for adding just one more thing to my Amazon cart with my normal household items as I prepped for the journey over. Now that I’m flying slightly more regularly than the last two years, I have some travel favorites from…

How a Phone-Free Mother/Daughter Trip Changed My Life

December 2020 was quite a time, looking back on it. What happened to the year?  I hadn’t gone anywhere, from sheltering-in-place to losing my job and homeschooling, but yet it didn’t feel at all like life had slowed down.  Everything in life felt so slow – that is besides my mind, which was working in…

Welcome to my place to chronicle my adventures in learning to live more open-heartedly with my family and the my community as I create a home that’s an oasis for our family’s authenticity and creativity.

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Posts That Mean A Lot To Us


Why I Moved From Texas to Germany

This week’s it’s my birthday.  For the last two years, I’ve wished on my birthday candles that I would move before my next birthday. This last year feels like a one-blinker – just a flash of experiences and challenges – and here I am, alive and writing to you from my desk in Freiburg, Germany….

pool day essentials

Summer Pool Day Essentials

If there’s one thing I know as a native Texan, it’s how to spend a day at the pool. Beginning my ways as a teen girl to meet friends and only continuing to refine itself through my years of Motherhood, I am a master of the art of packing a bag of summer pool day…

a summer garden party

A Summer Garden Party

Our flat has access to a private garden for tenants. It has a keyed entry and is a pet-free area, which keeps it quiet and the perfect spot for picnics. Ironically, a family of foxes now lives in the garden, but they don’t seem to be as comfortable taking over a picnic. We were so…

how to make reading fun for kids

How to Make Reading Fun for 8 Year Olds

Sharing stories with my daughter has been something I’ve looked forward to since before she was born and enjoyed all of her life. Now that we’re really growing into independent reading as well, it has been a good challenge on how to make reading fun for 8 year olds. These years began my feeling of…

benefits of performing arts for kids

Five Benefits of Performing Arts for Children

My name is Lilly and I owe every part of who I am to theater camp. It’s true for so many of us, whether we went on to ever find ourselves back on center stage in life or just in a happy adult life using our voice, carrying ourselves with confidence and knowing how to…

the best dresses for european travel

The Best Dresses for European Travel

I’ve had so much luck lately finding the best dresses for European travel, and thanks to lots of after school errands to run, plenty of time to test a few on the cobblestone streets here. The sun is out for spring, town is exploding with blooming vines and color and its time for shoulders and…

what do in two days in paris

What to Do in Paris in Two Days

I recently had the opportunity of a lifetime to meet my childhood friend for two nights in Paris. We were the romantic, history loving girls growing up. We full-on spent weekends at historical re-enactments and old fashioned soda shops, just for fun! When we didn’t have our noses in books we were at Neiman Marcus…

gifts for mom on amazon

Gifts for Mom on Amazon

Although I always have the intention to find a gift at a small neighborhood shop or, in my even more confident moments to make something myself, life has its way of getting in the way of my best laid plans. I love these Gifts for Mom on Amazon that prove for me that a gift…

estate sale shopping tips

Estate Sale Shopping Tips

A friend of mine recently started shopping for a home renovation and wanted to know if I would share my estate sale shopping tips. Would I ever! It’s the perfect time of year for a beautiful morning driving around and rummaging for great estate sale finds! For me, there’s nothing quite as exciting as a…

gifts for Mom on Etsy

Gifts for Mom from Etsy

I have to be honest that, once I become a Mother myself, I discovered that my favorite gifting holiday is Mother’s Day. There’s something about seeing what my family puts on the breakfast tray for me – from a card made at school to a bauble or handmade coupon for an experience – that really…

things to do in amsterdam

Amsterdam Craft Classes, Vintage Shopping and Gluten Free Finds

Have you been to Amsterdam lately? (I mean, as a 30-something “grown up?”) There’s some of the general reasons we all flocked to Amsterdam on college study abroad trips, but beyond the obvious connotations with the city, I was amazed at the culture and beauty of this gorgeous European town on the water. I had…

easter gifts on amazon

Easter Gifts from Amazon That Make It in Time

I try to get an early start on holiday shopping so I can be as intentional and generous as possible. Nothing makes a holiday feel commercial like running around feeling rushed! But life goes on, and it’s always nice to have some leads for Easter gifts on Amazon that will make it in time, whether…


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