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west texas road trip guide

Your Ultimate West Texas Road Trip Itinerary: From Marfa to Marathon and More

Note: Two of the three trips to West Texas that informed this article were during August/September 2020. West Texas is an area that is very susceptible to hospital overwhelm. It’s incredibly important to check COVID-19 case numbers and recommended travel guidelines if considering coming to the area. If unsure, we recommend you wait to see […]

how to make your own vintage putz house Christmas village

How to Make Christmas Putz Houses

Growing up, my favorite places to be during Christmas time were my grandparents’ houses. Not even the most exciting outing of pre-ticketed, oversensory holiday cheer could compare to the comfort of how each home welcomed and comforted me with the same decorations out year after year, the same little traditions. I always cry putting out […]

Posts That Mean A lot To Us

  • My 10 Steps for Keeping Resentment in Check
    About a year ago was the first time I really felt myself figuring out “adulting.” (Don’t draw attention to the facts that I had been working, paying a mortgage and […]
  • Where to Stop When Driving from Texas to Colorado

    Where to stop, stay and explore on the family drive from Texas to Colorado, featuring routes from Dallas to Telluride and Vail, with pit stops in Amarillo, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. The best summer road trip for families!

  • Home Actually Is Where the Heart Is
    Post Written by Markus Home. It’s a short little word – but the story behind it is usually anything but short. We each have a home with our family of […]

Welcome to our place to chronicle our adventures in learning to live more open-heartedly with each other, our daughter (adoption, we love you!), a variety of pets and the world as we create a home that’s an oasis for our family’s authenticity and creativity.

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nature learning for kids

Guest Post: How to Teach with Nature Trays

Editor’s Note: I knew I would raise my child to enjoy classic, wooden toys and open-ended learning – before I was a Mom. It’s so easy, in reality, to look around one day and realize life has become plastic playthings and online games. I know simple toys make the best teachers, but how? I’ve been […]

healthy winter rotuals

Healthy Winter Rituals

My “journey through the seasons” feels best described by Leandra Medine Cohen – Love summer, hate everything else. To me, the long days, carefree spirit and sizzling temperatures of summer should be the baseline of our days, all year long. Winter can really feel like just the waiting game until next summer. It’s the first […]

how to have a family meeting

How to Have a Family Meeting (with Free Printable!)

We’re a family of three humans, two dogs, one rabbit, one chicken, and one pig. That comes with its share of things to plan and logistics to keep moving. We didn’t always hold a weekly family meeting, and it used to seem pretty daunting to even plan for one.  But now that we’re up and […]

The Fall Style Horoscope with Astrologist Britten LaRue

To me, style is best when it’s personal. However, it’s almost impossible for our consciousness or even sub-consciousness to keep out the influence of trends. I personally love to see someone take a style trend while finding a way to make it authentic to his or her personal style and therefore completely unique. I like […]

gardening with kids

Starting a Homeschool Garden

On top of all of our Dallas pick-your-own farm trips last summer, I cajoled Markus for a garden of our very own. Never mind that I knew nothing about gardening and had always found it relatively futile when there was perfectly nice food waiting at the store. Like most of my ideas, my new found […]

A Weekend Trip from Dallas at Greer Farm

Last summer I was parenting without any day schools, camps or general child care lined up. To fill our days, I became one with the farm visit. To me, visiting a local-ish farm is the perfect day trip from Dallas – the drive clears my head, the exploring tires my child and the finds pre-determine […]

shopping second hand online

Shopping Second Hand Online with Evolving Style

From the Editor: My name is Lilly and I’m a clothesaholic. My mother always had me “dressed up” growing up, which fostered a love for “getting dressed” over putting on clothes. Most of how my Mom afforded our outfits was through shopping second hand. When our daughter came along, I was also in love with […]

Renting on Outdoorsy

Renting on Outdoorsy: Our RV Rental Review

I was speaking to someone with psychic abilities at the end of last year, and she told me I would not go on a vacation in 2020 but could see some weekend getaways. I was surprised, because all we had planned was the opposite – a one week road trip through California. Who knew 2020 […]

New Digs: Our Waldorf Inspired Homeschool Room and Atelier Tour

It’s been quiet around here. Not here, in our family, but here where we share our stories.  Like I assume it has been for you, for us life has been happening at a rate like never before. But stories – those come together at their own pace, especially the ones worth sharing. For me, life […]

The Lesson Plan That Kids Need in a Pandemic is “Love + Family”

“If all my kid learns from social distancing is to be a good person, we’ll be fine.“ It’s been quite a season. You know, since I welcomed my daughter six years ago. I’ve totally meant to call you back, to read literature nightly to my child and bake together. It’s just that I’ve been so busy. You […]

How Lilly Neubauer Spends Her Wednesday

MOMS WE LOVE master your craft like this Dallas mom Words The Editors Published March 2020/DallasChildUpdated March 9, 2020 Lilly Neubauer finds beauty in the simple things. She is the founder of Camp Crafty Parties, which brings old-fashioned arts and crafts to modern celebrations. Along with her husband Markus, Neubauer created the blog Open Hearted […]

Modern Family Photos

When I started Love Child, I had a vision of the types of women, some of whom would be moms, that would hopefully follow along. They would be strong, independent, creative, modern, and inspirational. One of the questions I often asked myself when pregnant (and now as a mom) is why? Why do I have […]


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