Snowflake Ornament Craft

We had the best kick off to Christmas season here with a week of our town being covered in fresh dumps of powdery, white snow. Then the snow packed into ice for more winter adventures, luring us home to work on our Christmas crafts. I’ve made this snowflake ornament craft for three years now, but never after fresh snow. I was inspired!

When I do this craft at home or teach it at a Camp Crafty arts and crafts Christmas party, I like to pre-glue the snowflakes with hot glue and twine for the ornament hook on the back if it’s a large group.

I love snowflake ornament craft as something we can do all winter! I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the snow here.

snowflake ornament crafts

When we made these in our Waldorf homeschool classroom during the pandemic, we read a few books about snowflakes to look at illustrations and get inspired.

Our Favorite Books About Snowflakes

This year, I did the craft with a group of ESL students in an International classroom. We had all just played in, walked in, tasted and heard the first snow of the season. We talked about our senses and how they make memories, and went through them to write down how we will remember the snow.

After we’re properly inspired, I throw my team of the best arts and craft supplies for kids and we all go bananas sharing ideas and resources. Having a shared goal with no plan is so fun to me!

Process Art Snowflake Ornament Supplies

winter crafts for kids

I really thought the inspiration board and all of the words we used to describe snow came through in how the ornaments turned out! They look like beautiful illustrations of snow by someone who has taken the time to really look closely and be inspired.

I remember seeing the snow and knowing we were making these next week and realizing that we had been so short sided to never have made them with feathers! There was something so feathery about the snow.

snowflake ornament craft

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process art snowflake ornament craft

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