“If all my kid learns from social distancing is to be a good person, we’ll be fine.“ It’s been quite a season. You know, since I welcomed my daughter six years ago. I’ve totally meant to call you back, to read literature nightly to my child and bake together. It’s just that I’ve been so busy. You […]

MOMS WE LOVE master your craft like this Dallas mom Words The Editors Published March 2020/DallasChildUpdated March 9, 2020 Lilly Neubauer finds beauty in the simple things. She is the founder of Camp Crafty Parties, which brings old-fashioned arts and crafts to modern celebrations. Along with her husband Markus, Neubauer created the blog Open Hearted […]

When I started Love Child, I had a vision of the types of women, some of whom would be moms, that would hopefully follow along. They would be strong, independent, creative, modern, and inspirational. One of the questions I often asked myself when pregnant (and now as a mom) is why? Why do I have […]

Open Hearted HomeMarkus’ Education: SMULilly’s Education: Texas Tech In 2006, Lilly and Markus Neubauer found themselves working together at a Domino’s Pizza in Lubbock where they spent time at a large sink, washing pots and pans at the end of the workday. Years later they found themselves at another sink – the one in their […]

Last year Lilly and her husband Markus spent her Independence Day making over her half bath, so we thought we’d celebrate her sweet makeover on their one year bathroom anniversary. Here’s her (hilarious) letter: After living in our 1952 house for three years, I was so excited to finally be able to remodel our tiny […]

Markus and Lilly Neubauer were expecting their adoption process to take months — maybe even years — when they received a call on Christmas Day in 2013 announcing the arrival of their daughter, Heidi. “We went from zero to baby in 24 hours,” says Lilly. “It was a wonderful surprise.” While the Neubauers had remodeled much of […]