Lilly Neubauer

My name is Lilly.

I cannot believe you are reading this. That is so crazy!

In the online creator’s space where we thrive best by niche-ing down, I find myself only opening to wider possibilities the more I share myself here.

I love my home, making things, traveling to see things and telling the truth.

As a woman seeking connection – friendship, pen pals, good advice and escape in stories – it was hard to see myself in many online communities. I identified but didn’t fit in with the natural moms, the funny moms, the spiritual moms, the homemaker moms, the tough love moms or the Target moms. To each and every one of those beloved Moms – I am her. I’m just more than that too, and was feeling boxed in – on the World Wide Web of all places. 

Instead of looking for someone like me telling my story of being alive *in these times,* it started to feel more like it was time to share my story. 

I have a lot I love to share, but I try to keep it about me. You don’t need another person telling you what to do. 

I think there’s enough going on that proves we are not in control. The search for beauty and joy in any circumstance becomes a good way to pass the time, no matter how the cards are falling. For me at least.

I am a seeker, not a subject matter expert. 

I always wanted to be a magazine editor. I love the titles – Country Home, Southern Living, Seventeen. The title says, “This is the guidebook and visual inspiration for that girl.” We are her, we know her, we love her. In my Magazine Girl rom-com, I show my board for Open Hearted Home. For the woman trying to stay open when everything feels so restricted. The woman trying everything to stay loving when the world can feel so cruel. The woman who would like to at least make things nice even if things are burning – as long as it’s relatively easy.

This is a magazine of inspiration for myself now and words of wisdom to me three years ago. I hope it goes deep but stays fun. Things are serious enough.

I loved clubs growing up – babysitting club, sticker club, dance club. If you need a home, this is your clubhouse. We mostly hang in the Sunday newsletter, The Homestead Report. 

I can’t tell you, how many times, as a woman I’ve been told – by man or meme or mindful mama – to “just breathe.” Nothing can really get me to try something like that like a woman who is willing to share her story of life change – the brutal before, the gut punch middle and the peace and pride that follow these types of level ups and surrenders we can really get ourselves through. I’m into sharing and celebrating these types of journeys and achievements, whether it’s looking for spiritual signs after death, learning how to make Christmas putz houses or taking a West Texas Road Trip

I’m kind of a loner – I like to think in a good way – but also a believer that everything is easier in community. It can look exactly how you want it to. Let it begin with me. We spread H.O.P.E. here, hearing other people’s experiences. If you have something to share I want to know. 

If you think we should work together, I want to know that too. I bet we should!

Ok, you’re the best and I love you.