Teaching Puns with Valentines

I was invited to teach a Valentine’s Card Making Party with Camp Crafty at the sweetest afternoon Mother and Daughter Valentine’s tea. The concept of the day was celebrating love for yourself and the community, which I loved. I thought teaching puns with Valentines felt like a really fun way to spark up our card making class for this group of third graders.

When I thought about my favorite part of the holiday, it’s laughing at and passing around the silly cards with friends, and there’s the classic Simpson’s episode with “I Choo-choo-choose You.” Laughter is so unifying and community oriented. I love how easy it is to love myself by laughing at my own jokes! 🙂

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Teaching Puns with Valentines Supplies

For our purposes, we talked about three types of puns: homophone puns, homograph puns and figurative language puns.

I also went all out on the supplies but kept it to some of my favorite craft supplies for kids and paper heart doilies galore I found at Michaels. It was so fun to see us each think of a pun and then our gears would turn on how to use the hearts to bring it to life. I love restrictions like this on creativity because I think it makes things funnier and funnier.

And boy, did we laugh. My favorite part of this class was just laughing and laughing at little girls’ jokes. We talked about how hilarious we were the whole party!

Homophone Puns

For our homophone puns, we used words pronounced the same with different meanings.

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teaching puns with valentines

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Homograph Puns

Homograph puns are spelled the same but have different meanings.

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Figurative Language Puns

Figurative language that’s just out of the conventional order of the word’s usage is so fun too.

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What would yours say? Leave it in a comment below!

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teaching puns with valentines

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