Sunprint Paper Silhouettes

I, like many respectable women, love blue and white anything. From delfts blauw tile painting in Amsterdam to DIY Shibori pillows, I love how the theme continues to show up in crafting. It’s such a classic pairing that only seems to enhance handmade details.

With that in mind, the blue tones of pretty Sunprint cyanotype paper became the perfect, unique way to memorialize some child faces with silhouettes. This craft is so easy and cute and really “wows” the kids, so I love it as a Mother’s Day gift!

What is Sunprint paper?

Sunprint paper lets you make pictures by seeing what happens when we block the and expose the light to this sensitive paper. The chemical change that the paper goes through when exposed to sunlight does it all!

Sunprint Paper Silhouettes

To begin our silhouettes, I simply took the kids’ profile photos then printed them and cut around their outlines. The white side you see here is the reverse!

After that, the children decorated around their silhouette with found and purchased leaves and pressed flowers. We played with symmetry and thought about crowning our silhouettes and showcasing our unique personality, like the reptile lover who added some alligator feet.

After designing, we took the prints outside under the acrylic cover and exposed them to light for five full minutes since it was a cloudy day. It’s so fun to watch it turn!

We brought a roasting pan with an inch of water in the bottom to rinse the papers after the sun exposure.

These are so easy and I love how they turn out!

These make the sweetest gifts and look so sophisticated on the wall!


Sunprint Paper // pressed flowers // pressed leaves

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