The Best Mother’s Day Gifts on Etsy

mother's day gifts on etsy

Y’all, the day is almost here. It’s not close but it’s not far off either, and I vote that we begin talking about it. Parents, like all humans on Earth, have had it rough for the past year. Moms have lost their jobs at the highest numbers in our economy during the pandemic while they’ve been in charge of schooling and domestic labor more than ever before. Personally, as a Mom who hopes to be able to guide my family through hardships while modeling emotional regulation and spirituality the best I can, I am feeling quite tired. We’re all tired, which is why I thought a roundup of Mother’s Day gifts on Etsy might perk us up and make sure we’re ready for the big day next month.

A gift for Mom this Mother’s Day may look different this year for some of our families in terms of budget, but I hope we all still find ways to pause and celebrate the contributions women make to society. I love a home cooked breakfast and handmade card from my daughter more than anything else on Mother’s Day. 

Just in case you’re looking for something to gift wrap, I loved looking for Mother’s Day gifts on Etsy for some affordable and unique gift ideas, made mostly by other women, to help Mom feel seen and loved on her special day.

Mother’s Day Gifts on Etsy

I think this custom letter blanket has some potential for nostalgic decor item meets design-friendly gift vibes folded up at the end of a sofa. I feel like I’d only snuggle it harder with age remembering that little kid handwriting. 

I have a big jade ring that I love to wear on my right pointer finger, just often enough that my family would call it a staple piece of jewelry for me. It’s not expensive, but Heidi will remember me wearing it. I hope if she chooses to keep it after I leave she can wear it and feel close to me. I think a unique piece of jewelry on a Mother is memorable to a child like that. This pressed flower necklace has that sentiment to me.

If I take my hobbies in the academic art direction soon, I want to dig into this sophisticated paint by number. You should definitely gif this with her favorite snacks and an afternoon home alone while you take the kids to the park. Actually, every gift on this list should come with her favorite snacks and an afternoon home alone while you take the kids to the park. 

“I think we’re going to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that.”

I am going back into summer-yard-work-person-mode with a vengeance and I really think we’re going to need matching hats

These smiley face slippers are a very good use of sherpa, IMO. 

As a Ramona fan, I always love it when the Quimbys solve their problems or celebrate their success with a trip to the WhopperBurger. It’s about the same in our family, and our version of the WhopperBurger has the best soda fountain in town. I love this shirt that celebrates the winning combo. 

This classic rain jacket is so cute and I need one. 

I have been having a lot of fun wearing these beaded sunglasses from my shop on errands with an oversized polo or button down. Everything is suddenly a little more Slim Aarons-esque in them. Extra so with the sunglasses chains I’m making out of our bead kits while watching TV at night. 

Holy Mrs Brady on this vintage nightgown – there’s only one! With the slippers? OMG. Peak sustainably-minded Mom energy. 

How sweet would it be to open a beautiful linen nap dress on Mother’s Day morning, with one for your little one to match? The perfect way to roll out of coffee in bed to brunch with the family while feeling naturally beautiful and comfortable. 

There are so many Mothers’ Day gifts on Etsy, it was hard to narrow it down! If your Mom is like me, I think she’ll love the one-of-a-kind and thoughtful nature of these gifts.

Have you shopped for gifts on Etsy before? Leave your favorite shop in a comment below! Want to keep shopping? Check out my favorite gifts for kids on Etsy.

mother's day gifts etsy

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