Kids Gifts on Etsy

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kids gifts on Etsy

One thing I really enjoy is being around children. Whether I’m getting to enjoy the company of children at one of my art parties in Dallas, getting to spend precious time with my nieces and nephew and, of course, being with my daughter, I find getting really present with a child reminds me that there is a whole other way of seeing the world that’s still available to us grown ups if we choose it. I love finding gifts for kids. I always hope my gifts for children will ignite wonder, inspire discovery or introduce a new idea while making the children I love so much feel recognized and celebrated.

Handmade kids gifts are my favorite thing to browse for at local craft markets and boutiques. It’s been harder this year to find gifts for kids I love while shopping from home – all while I miss the kids in my life and surprising them with gifts more than ever! 

Over the past year, I’ve been on the hunt for quality kids gifts available online and found some adorable gifts, from big ticket items to little surprises, on Etsy. It’s been such a rough year for artisans, most of whom are mothers, and it’s been a big relief to be able to easily shop handmade gifts for kids at home while still being able to support a small business owner. 

Here are my favorite gift items for kids on Etsy that I love to buy, that the children I know love to receive and that, from my findings, parents are happy to make room for. 

handmade kids gifts on etsy

Kids Gifts on Etsy

Kids Bead Kits by Camp Crafty – I’m excited to have my own creations hosted on Etsy now! We love gifting this bead kit to friends of all ages and seeing what they create. 

Kids Name Sunglasses – The cutest! I love making these and seeing kids wear them all summer.

History Time Travel Kit – This immersive kit designed by a teacher gets older kids (7-11ish) involved in history kinetically. My daughter and I are getting into world cultures and this box on Ancient Egypt looks like fun for both of us to dig into!

DIY Garden Kit for Kids – It’s the perfect time of year for this fun kit! This is a great gift for a family to be able to start a long term project without needing to spend a bunch of money at the garden store. 

Wooden Birds Memory Game – I love Memory as it’s a fun game to play together or alone. This is a beautiful set that introduces common bird species at the same time. Just add binoculars to take what’s learned outdoors! 

Superhero Capes for Children – My daughter received one of these growing up and wore it to its death. She would gladly take another one now to sport in her backyard adventures.

23 Piece Musical Instrument Set – Mom and Dad will miss a house full of noise when it’s gone! Remind them when you thrill the little ones in your life with this classic music set.

Rainbow Wobble Board – I think we all learned this year how important open-ended play toys are for open-ended amounts of time spent at home! I love the beauty of this board and that it’s handmade in the USA. It’s a great gift to a family you love with multiple little ones at home in toddler to early childhood years.

Name Crayons – These are so adorable! I find art supplies with a personal feel to them really inspire us to create and take our art “work” seriously. 

Kids Mermaid Soap – Something small to send just because! Made with pure glycerin and essential oils.

DIY Push Animal Kit – Another sweet, small gift for the upcoming Easter holiday or to say “I miss you.” These color-your-own plush animals are sweet on a nightstand after they’re designed by the child you love.

Kids Custom Coloring Pillow – This cute pillow case warms my 90’s kid heart. The little recipient will love coloring it and knowing they are loved each bedtime when they see it. 

The Best Gifts for Kids on Etsy

best gifts for kids on etsy

How have you been loving the kids in your life this year? Do you have a favorite Etsy shop for kids? Share it below! 

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