DIY Beaded Sunglasses Tutorial

kids beaded sunglasses

I love the new trend of personalized beaded sunglasses. Whether you want just a few added details to take your sunglasses from the standard to something special or you want to go for a fun, over-the-top look with personalized beads and gobs of details, the process of how to make beaded sunglasses remains simple but super fun! 

I am always trying to get our family craft supplies to stretch as far as possible, so I loved this idea for a craft where I could repurpose old sunglasses and beads we had around the house. The finished sunglasses were so popular with my daughter and as gifts for friends, I now have custom name sunglasses for sale in my Etsy shop! I love making these for those of us who want to give something special to someone they love but don’t have the time to make it themselves. I love beaded sunglasses for a bachelorette party or a special birthday gift or party favor. The options are limitless!

DIY beaded sunglasses

I love this beaded sunglasses project as a fun summer craft activity for tween girls and up. The glue and beads I use definitely aren’t meant for small children, so they’ll have to settle on the joy of receiving a pair you make for them for now! 

kids name sunglasses

How to Make Beaded Sunglasses

Step 1: Prep Your Sunnies

I like finding sunglasses with wide and flat plastic frames. Lots of flat space to work on ensures you have plenty of ways to decorate your sunnies. I give them a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol before getting started to make double sure nothing is coming between the sunglasses and glue.

Step 2: Pick Your Beads!

I love a mix of beads and flat-backed charms on my sunnies. I especially love using letter beads for kids who are always so delighted to see something of their very own with their name on them. I lay everything out so I have a good idea how I want things to look in the final product before I begin to glue. 

Step 3: Glue it Down 

I love E6000 glue for my beaded sunglasses. While it starts to dry quickly, there is some room for minor adjustments after I lay a bead down before it begins to cure. The trick for me is to get enough glue on each bead where there’s plenty of opportunity for the bond to be created with the sunglasses, but not too much where there’s any mess. E6000 dries clear but I always want the beads to look like they’re floating on the sunglasses. If I can, I like to set my letter beads or any of the largest visual beads or charms first, wait an hour or two for those beads to initially set with the glue and continue to layer details. 

Step 4: Good Things Take Time

The initial bond on E6000 sets quickly, which can be deceiving. I promise it is so worth it to wait a full 24 hours at least before wearing your new shades. The glue will be fully cured and ready for the pool and all your summer fun! 

Step 5: Layer It On

All beaded everything! I love using my bead kit to create a coordinating sunglasses chain and fun summer jewelry to coordinate my new shades.

What You Need to Make Beaded Sunglasses

The hardest thing I came across when wanting to try to make my own beaded sunglasses was how many supplies i had to buy to try my hand at a pair. With that in mind, I’ve created Design-Your-Own Beaded Sunglasses Craft Kits! With sunglasses options for kids and adults, I hope these can offer a fun summer craft to kick off the best summer ever!

What do you think of the beaded sunglasses trend? I love how this summer craft can be for a few simple additions to give your sunnies a small but personal touch or for going big on a pair of truly statement-making specs! Have you tried making a pair yet? Share your tips below!

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