The Best Ethnic Grocery Stores in Dallas

My family tree’s roots go deep through Irish and Welsh bloodlines, and the dinner tables of my childhood often reflected it with delicious nightly meals of meat, potatoes, bread and butter. It’s soul food to me, and so good that I have rarely branched out into other flavors in food and, with that, ethnic grocery stores in Dallas like I should. 

Early in the pandemic, though, smaller specialty grocery stores became the secret hub where I could source food without getting caught in mainstream supply issues and with the peace of mind of fewer people in the stores. I started looking for ethnic grocery stores in Dallas to not only be able to shop with fewer of the issues we all faced at the supermarket, but to also learn more as the heartache in the world opened my awareness beyond our neighborhood in new ways for me. 

Now, our family loves a Friday after-school stop at one of our favorite ethnic grocery stores in Dallas. We tend to pick up a novelty snack and a few ingredients to complement what’s in the pantry for a special Saturday supper. 

Wanting to venture out to an ethnic grocery store in Dallas? There’s an overwhelming amount of options to explore in the city, but I’ve rounded up our favorite places to shop for new-to-us foods and finds. 

Patel Brothers Dallas review Indian market Dallas

Patel Brothers 

This chain of Indian Marketplace shops is the perfect place for our family to load up on rice, curry and garam masala spices for my simple but always popular Instant Pot Butter Chicken Curry. I also love their personal care section here where I load up on this turmeric face cream that keeps my skin feeling hydrated and calm, as well as beautiful soaps. We always get a fresh pack of incense to enjoy at home as well!

Jimmy’s Food Store

The new Eataly is beautiful, but it’s hard to get excited about fresh, authentic Italian ingredients when the iconic Jimmy’s is just down the street. I think Jimmy’s sandwiches or lasagna make a great meal delivery for a friend with a new baby or experiencing loss that could use some nourishment or comfort. Even with my need to keep a grain-free diet, I love a trip to Jimmy’s to get fresh olive oils, balsamic vinegars, tomato sauce and cheeses that I use with this grain-free pizza dough recipe for a weekend meal that meets everyone’s dietary needs in great taste. 

Kubys market Dallas German market Dallas

Kuby’s European Market

With the German heritage so strong in our family, Kuby’s has been a long-popular spot with us. Fresh cucumber salad, house made mustard, pickles and, of course, lots of chocolate, always top the shopping list here. I love going by before I make this harvest sheet pan dinner, which tastes even better with authentic sausage and mustard. 

Kazy’s Gourmet Shop

This authentic Japanese market is in its second generation ownership and, as of the time of this writing, offers their incredibly fresh fish, noodles, tea and treats like green tea Kit-Kat bars with contactless pick-up or free delivery in the Dallas area for orders over $50. It’s a great spot to get set for a weekend meal of teriyaki salmon bowls or, if you really want to impress, futomaki. 

Dallas Chinatown market Good Fortunate supermarket Dallas

Good Fortune Supermarket 

There are so many great Asian grocery stores in Dallas that I may have picked this one to try first based on the name (and I’m not apologizing for it). I love everything Asian paleo blogger ChihYu Smith dreams up, and Good Fortunate always has what I need to supplement my usual grocery list for her recipes. We always get a kick out of the incredible potato chips flavors, like my daughter’s favorite American Fried Chicken Cheetos. Say hi to the live frogs and fish in the seafood area in the back when you’re there, and grab a sheet mask for some alone time! 

With so much cooking at home this year, a family trip to the ethnic market has brought new adventures and diversity to our dinner table. Do you have a favorite ethnic market in Dallas? Share it below!

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