Pick-Your-Own Farms to Visit Near Dallas

Summer reminds me of my Kentucky upbringing, when we played outside from sun up to chasing lightning bugs after sun down, where I walked the big hill behind my grandmother’s house to her garden where her vegetables grew until they were ready for canning. It’s that spirit that makes me eager each year to use May and June to explore farms to visit near Dallas. The best seasonal fruits and berries are ripening around this time and ready for picking, right before it gets too hot to want to think about a day outside in the full sun. 

Over the years, we’re tried different farms to visit in the Dallas area and have a list now of our favorite pick-your-own farms near Dallas city limits and even some weekend farm stays that are driving distance from Dallas for the weekend. I love driving down country highways, the openness of a field of pasture or wildflowers out the car window, time to talk as a family along the way and the typical experience of kids asleep in the backseat, worn out from running around, on the drive home. 

Ready to check out some of the farms to visit near Dallas? Here’s our family’s short list of tried-and-true favorites that have us coming back every season! 

farm visits near Dallas
Dallas pick-your-own farms


Blueberry Hill Farm

I love pulling up here to the big red barn! This pick-your-own blueberry and blackberry farm is classic and easy, just loads of bushes out in the sun with a shop in the barn for check out, blueberry drinks, soft serve and baked goods. 

Pureland Farm

I love this farm for many reasons – the easy scheduling, the variety of crops ready for picking and the adorable father/daughter team that makes it possible (with a shared last name! Neubauer in German translates to “new farmer.”) 

Pureland Farm is a great visit if you’ve been wanting to explore the nearby Downtown McKinney! I love stopping there for lunch at Patina Green Home and Market and some treasure hunting at The Groovy Coop.

Mars Hill Farm

This gorgeous flower farm that employs and provides farm land to refugees is just 30 minutes outside of Dallas, making it a great afternoon outing. We loved staying here recently on the farm’s tiny house rental for a special Friday night away from the city! With lots of flowers to pick, baby farm animals to admire and a few free-ranging chickens to chase it’s a perfect exhale from the city life without feeling too far away from home. 

Greer Farm

Whether you’re going out for the day or enjoying this country farm stay near Dallas for the weekend, this spot is a total break from it all. The gorgeous pine trees that surround the farm and neighboring Dangerfield State Park envelop you and show off the gorgeous changes in topography we’re lucky to experience in our state. 

Pick your own blueberries and blackberries and be sure to go up the drive to the main farm house where there’s a huge variety of home made jams, farm fresh eggs, pasture raised meats and more. I love Sid and Eva Greer, and I think you will too! 

Ham Orchards 

The many varieties of peaches grown on-site are pre-picked for you and waiting to take home in the country store, along with jars of jam, trays of baked goods and the best peach soft service ice cream I’ve ever had. If you need the complete experience while you’re here, there are blueberry and blackberry bushes in the back for you to pick off of! 

I love how clean and organized this spot always is, which makes it easy to navigate and enjoy despite its popularity. The peach smoked BBQ by Eddie Dean is my favorite part of summer. 

Blase Family Farm

This sweet farm tucked away in the suburbs is so easy to get to, making it the perfect summer weekday activity if you’re in the market. We typically visit for pumpkin season, but I love the sweet branded pails they offer during blueberry season. 

It’s such a treat to be outside this time of year and get to share the joy of seeing where up food comes from up close, connecting with our more rural neighbors and spending a day (or weekend!) outside the city limits where there’s to run free. 


What’s your favorite summer tradition? Have a farm you love to visit that’s not on the list? Please share it below! 

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