A Weekend Trip from Dallas at Greer Farm

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Last summer I was parenting without any day schools, camps or general child care lined up. To fill our days, I became one with the farm visit. To me, visiting a local-ish farm is the perfect day trip from Dallas – the drive clears my head, the exploring tires my child and the finds pre-determine my meals for the week. 

My girl and I went anywhere the Prius could get us out and back in a day. We picked blueberries, blackberries, carrots, kale and orchard fresh peaches. There was something I especially loved about Greer Farm. The piney woods of East Texas are a special kind of pretty to me – so different from the Texas I know in the city or my time in the West. The white 1850 farmhouse at the front is exactly what I picture when I think of visiting someone’s farm, with puffy and colorful hydrangea bushes in front for good measure. 

Ever since I noticed their cabins for rent, I’ve been chomping at the bit to go back for a longer visit. COVID coming around here in March was interesting timing for us. We typically take our annual family road trip from Texas to Colorado the first week of July and mostly bum around town the rest of the year. By March/April we’re pretty restless and ready to put in the hours on the road to get out of dodge for a bit. When it became clear that we wouldn’t be going much of anywhere for a while, we had to go somewhere.The thought of Greer Farm and the fresh air, neatly spaced cabins and extremely limited capacity (it has four double occupancy cabins total) felt pretty ok. 

Dangerifled,Texas, is one of the best fall foliage trips near Dallas. The foliage colors the state park and Greer Farm property get are GORGEOUS. It’s such a great time of year to head out there if you’re looking for a fall trip. Here’s everything we loved about it!


I am a wannabe farm girl and can handle myself accordingly. However, I also like to know what I’m getting myself into and am therefore also a snoop. I honestly couldn’t find many photos of the Greer Farm cabins themselves, especially the interior. I also was pretty interested to know the A/C situation since we were kicking off 2020’s Wet Hot American Bummer Summer at the farm over Memorial Day weekend. 

I’m happy to report the whole thing is a real gem. It was clean when we got there, cozy and surprisingly spacious, especially the bathroom. Each cabin also has its own porch with rocking chairs (personal opinion, but you barely had a childhood if you don’t enjoy one summer day eating a popsicle in your underwear in a rocking chair after swimming in the lake – we handled this experience for our daughter on the front of our Greer Farm cabin). Each cabin also has its own charcoal grill, campfire area and outdoor chairs and swing set. It’s really like having an entire campsite with a cabin to yourself. 

The Wifi is pretty good. 🙂


I mean, it’s just gorgeous and I think that’s the case pretty much any time of year. We loved walking the path to the main house, walking around in general and going out on the beautiful lake. There are walking and hiking trails on the property, but it’s also just a short drive from Daingerfield State Park. 

My daughter lived for the daily animal feedings. I was on the Greers like white on rice about them, but there’s typically at least one every day by 9:00 a.m. If an activity involves an animal at all, my daughter will get me up, dressed and on site 15 minutes early, so we got to see a lot of fun meal times. For these experiences, we all wore masks and there was no issue with that when we were there. It is a big plus to have a farm to visit near Dallas with COVID-conscious hosts right now, which the Greers certainly are. 


First thing, print the farm’s available foods list. Circle every jam recipe that sounds good and then double it. Also get the chow chow. Their chicken breasts made great kabobs on their grill and the burger meat is insane. Eggs and thick cut bacon from the happiest pigs I’ve ever met was our daily breakfast, jam piled on top of the bread we baked and brought from home on the side. Peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, s’mores for dessert – just like that you’ve fed everyone all weekend. For a Mom, that is the vacation. You will eat the things you ordered to take home but don’t worry, they’ll get you reloaded before you leave. 

Bring everything you have ever liked with you because who knows. There are disc golf holes, fish in the pond – the goal is discovering the post-2020 you on this country trip so be liberal. Just bring it all – besides the canoes and paddle boats they don’t rent equipment. 

The cabins are clean, bare and ready for you. There’s bedding and bath towels, but any condiments, charcoal or lighter fluid or other favorites beyond basic supplies is best to bring along, and best to get in the city. The farm is close to one small store, but their selection and mask policy was less than ideal. 

I hope you go here! Tell Sid and Eva Hi. They’re great people who keep to themselves and seem to enjoy their lives, which is refreshing to see. 

What’s your favorite farm stay near Dallas? Have you done a COVID mini-cation? 

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