The Best Leather Travel Backpacks

Around 13 years ago, I was 2009 recession college graduate. As a side income project, I helped one of my Mom’s friends with an amazing design and fashion closet clean out sale. Going through her closet, we came by a beautifully worn brown leather backpack. With some great stories of its travels around the world, the owner handed it to me with the assurance that it was the best leather travel backpack, something that should be a staple in every adventurous woman’s wardrobe. In that instant, became my favorite travel accessory.

For years, I would send a picture of my travel look when we were off on vacation to the backpack’s first owner, as proof that I continued to help it see the world. It always looked great with what I was wearing – preppy yet worldly – and always held more than most of my totes while making a long travel day easier with the weight of my things on my back instead of a shoulder.

When we were moving to Freiburg, Germany, this fall, the original backpack needed some repairs and it had a bulk that made it hard to pick as the bag I would carry my final possessions over to Europe with. But, after walking the streets here for just a few weeks I knew exactly what I needed to carry everything I needed for language school and remote work, plus space for my daily essentials and things I might pick up in town.

Living and traveling abroad, walking and taking more public transportation and trains than ever before, I’m an even bigger advocate of a good leather travel backpack. It’s become a convergence of style and adventure for me. Where can’t it go?!

This round up of the best leather travel backpacks is full of finds that are gorgeous in both beauty and function. Extra pockets, lined interiors and rugged zippers are featured across the different designs to make them worth every dollar of investment.

Which one is your pick?

What’s a travel item you can’t live without? I love seeing how we all find ways to travel in style!

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