Easter Gifts from Amazon That Make It in Time

I try to get an early start on holiday shopping so I can be as intentional and generous as possible. Nothing makes a holiday feel commercial like running around feeling rushed! But life goes on, and it’s always nice to have some leads for Easter gifts on Amazon that will make it in time, whether it’s to fill in amongst other heirloom finds to complete a basket or just load up the cart for this year and call it a day. Spring is busy!

Here’s a grab of some things I found on Amazon that you can add to your cart for Easter bunnies of all ages.

Snoopy Bandages – He’s just one of my favorite guys! I love an Easter basket find that’s practical and special too.

Easter Joke Book – This is a must if you have lovely but slightly tedious brunch plans. The entertainment will handle itself.

Smiley Face Stickers – I always had a roll of these at our Dallas home and between work, school lunches and snail mail, I put them on everything!

Classic Jump Rope – Jumping rope is the playground trend at my daughter’s school right now, which I love. I’m excited to have one at home to keep her busy while I sit in our flat’s garden.

Astronaut Cat Pillow – This pillow really had me at “astronaut cat.”

Pattern Blocks – Easter baskets are the perfect place for classic toys like these beautiful pattern blocks.

Tales of Peter Rabbit Treasury – I bought a set of Beatrix Potter books years ago, unsure if my daughter would take to such old books but wanting their beautiful covers around just the same. They quickly became her favorite, and we still count Peter and his friends amongst our favorite characters today.

Yo-Yo – A $6 basket addition that everyone at Easter will want to take a turn trying.

Rainbow Grocery Bag – A good extra for Mom or your teen, I love these chic summer bags.

Smiley Face Sandals – The perfect pool shoe is here!

Burgess Mother West Wind Books – We learn so much about the animal world from this classic but engaging book series. It’s a great read for spring!

Bunny Slippers – Too cute!!

Sun Catchers Window Art – We just did a similar craft to pep up my daughter’s room for sunny days and had so much fun. The designs in this kit are so cute!

The Children of Noisy Village – I bought this for our Easter basket since we loved re-reading Pippi Longstocking, by the same author, recently. I’m excited to read the antics of these Swiss children living and working on farms together!

Flower Hair Clips – These are so cute to have on hand for summer heat and pool trips! Cute for a girls’ Easter basket or even Mom’s.

Fashion Design for Kids – My daughter is at an age where she wants us to know how serious she is about her pursuits, so she loved this official guide to Fashion Design for Kids, with beautiful explanations and insights.

Scalloped Photo Frame – A nice hostess gift to add to your cart so you’re ready for Easter parties, or something sweet to send to Mom or a friend you can’t see this year.

What are some of your go-to gifts for spring? I love how this time of year celebrates nature, beauty and creativity!

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