The Open Hearted Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year! I love thinking almost all year for gift ideas for this season that show my loved ones how loved they are while preparing us for another bright, creative year ahead.

I hope you love poking around for everyone on your list! Each button goes to a treasure trove of finds, with some stand out items and descriptions listed below.

Make a list, check it twice, get it done and get outside! We sure love you.

Top Gifts for Creative Kids

Adjustable Roller Skates – I love gifting and getting things that encourage and almost commemorate hobbies. She’s a skate girl this year. This is the exact pair we got here for my purple girl. I love the colors. The fact that they adjust in size is blowing my mind (I’m new to buying roller skates!).

Art Craft Supplies Kit – All of my favorite craft supplies for kids in one handy box, which always was my favorite part and made me feel professional. (Funny where that leads to!)

Personalized Harmonica – Won’t your sister love you when you send one to her house?

Felt Doorway Puppet Theater – Saved my life during the pandemic, lemme tell ya.

Heatable Scented Plush Toy – These are the rage at the Christmas Markets here. I got one for my four-year-old niece last year who favorited it fast and named hers Heavy Chicken.

Train of Thought – We play this almost every day at the child’s request! A great gift for a family with kids different ages and genders.

Marbling Paint Kit – Get in on the marbled trend as a fam. You’ll all find something to dip!

Flower Press – Press them now, craft with them later! The velcro straps are a must over screws.

Kids Shearling Birks – She feels so grown up and cozy in these. We love to match! A nice gift from Grandma to both her girls, IMO.

Top Nice Gifts for Grown Girls

Cambridge 14 inch Satchel – Got her when she was a fad knowing a classic like this outlasts the surges of attention she’ll see time and again in life. A great travel companion for those few essential items you want right in front. Add your name!

White and Warren Travel Cashmere Wrap – I got this from my grandmother, who loved to travel in style, the last year she was alive. It’s so cozy and does it all.

Paravel Weekender Bag – We logged quite a few miles together this year and are only getting started. I love how it fits everything for an overnight or comes along as the perfect carryon.

Madewell Leather Backpack – You know my feelings on the power of my Favorite Leather Travel Backpacks. This was your top pick this year!

Kinsley Waterproof Timberlands – Never get caught in the rain or snow or mud again. We love each other on the street as much as we do up the mountain.

Dingo 1969 Primrose Snip Toe Cowboy Booties – I think we’ve all decided this is the pick for the year. I don’t know if I’m exaggerating one bit that life changed after I got these vintage-inspired stunners made under the craftsmanship of the Dan Post brand in the USA. Love them with leggings and a sweater now and she’ll shine during Boots and a Dress season. What color are you getting?!

Top Gifts for Cool Guys

Incense Smoker – Guys want their place to smell nice, I’m sure. We’re here to help and make it fun. Include the cones!

Vans Socks – The official sock of the man of the house. Who styles this guy? He’s so cool. 🙂

Otamatone Deluxe – I found this! I want it!!

Marshall Jack Rack – Last year’s top seller still has game.

G Shock x Keith Haring Watch – Proof x2 that good design lasts a lifetime.

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker – We love this guy. We call him Lil Squeak.

Lebowski Sweater – Respect his right to abide, especially in the sacred week between Christmas and New Year’s.

Top Cute Home Gifts

Accidentally Wes Anderson – One of the few books I brought with me, this photography book is a portal into design, color and travel.

Mushroom Disco Ball – Put it by the window to start the party!

Checkered Throw Blanket – Comfy, cozy. Add some cocoa mix for extra credit.

Olive Wood Cooking Utensils – When I use the olive wood spoon and spatula I got here at our local market, I’m not a hurried woman throwing dinner on the table but instead a lady preparing her dinner. Won’t you join me?

You Are Special Today Plate – Our favorite wedding gift that we love to give! So truly special.

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