Learning How to Self-Parent

For a couple years in my mid thirties, I thought I had it all – everything that I understood to mean success, accomplishment, and external happiness. Lots of things looked good on the outside: I was a junior partner at a growing engineering firm and we had a nice house in a great neighborhood. I […]

family travel gifts

Family Travel Gift Ideas

Last month, we sold our Dallas ranch house and ventured off to live as Americans in Freiburg, Germany, taking the long way with two dogs and the majority of our lives’ belongings in six suitcases. It all seems more like a dream to me as, before this big adventure, air travel was hardly our thing. […]

moving to freiburg germany

Q&A: Moving to Freiburg, Germany

What a chapter of life! A few weeks ago, we shared on Instagram that we were selling our family home (the same one that inspired the beginning of this blog!) and moving to Freiburg, Germany. We’ve had so many questions about our move, and it’s been unfolding more and more ever since we put the […]

creative dates for families

Creative Family Activities for The Artist’s Way Parents

“Parenting is a great adventure. Awakening your child’s sense of curiosity and wonder helps you awaken your own. Reawakening your own sense of curiosity and wonder helps awaken your child’s.” Julia Cameron Almost five years ago now, I was in need of some redirecting out of busyness and (my hope was) onto a more fulfilling, […]


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