Etsy Gifts Under $25: Kids Edition

Especially now that we live out of town, I delight in few things more than spoiling my nieces and nephew by mail. I remember being so excited to get a package from an out-of-town aunt or grandparent growing up.

It seems like the cost of an average children’s gift is rising these days. Honestly though, I think smaller gifts for children are sweet and have a practicality for everyone that makes it more fun to give and receive. You know me and my whole simple is best approach.

These gifts may be simple (in the best way) and under $25, but they’re not short on personality or fun. Shopping with Etsy and knowing I’m supporting another small business owner always takes the cake for me!

Etsy Gifts Under $25 for Kids

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Personalized Rolling Pin – I love pretty baking supplies for children! This pin adds so much engagement and excitement to afternoon cookies.

Affirmation Deck – What a sweet treat for a godson or daughter’s night stand.

Personalized Harmonica – I do like sending noisy things. The kids think it’s so fun.

Neon Sign – Get your name in lights for under $25. A very cool aunt gift IMO.

Magnetic Fishing Set – What a treasure to have in the closet for rainy days (or hot summer afternoons!).

Butterly Wings – So pretty! I see lots of play in these.

Kids Bead Kit – I deigned this bead kit to be an easy gift to mail to your favorite kiddo for under $15 shipped. I love how many of our signature beads we were able to fit inside!

Kids Bead Sunglasses – My personal favorite to make or to give!

Personalized Truck – My nephew is excitedly spotting his name on things, so this will be maj.

Felt Breakfast – If there’s a play kitchen in the house, these will thrive.

Monogrammed Sweatshirt – She will keep getting compliments and always think of you!

Personalized Kids Straw Tote Bag – In my mind, I’m a personalized mini beach tote and the fun times to go with it kind of aunt.

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What’s your favorite? Come across any great gifts for kids lately? Share it below!

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