Fall Hygge from Etsy

As someone who has spent most of my life in Texas, there’s almost a thrill in the Wild West’s distaste for following seasonal weather. I’ve gone swimming on Thanksgiving and Easter, worn a t-shirt and watched it snow on Christmas Day. Be ready for anything and you’ll be fine is really how it’s done there, which has always suited me.

In Germany, it’s the total opposite in a nice way. At the end of July, the schools and smaller shops closed as we all left for vacation (the train stations and airports were seriously some of the most interesting scenes of my life, completely packed with the herds of us all swapping places for summer break). And now we’re home, and home is where we should be and where we’ll root in and rest until spring slowly awakens us and it’s time to do it all over again.

So Hygge, a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being, (according to Oxford) makes so much sense here. A cozy mug in hand with socks on my feet is exactly right for the crisp mornings already rolling in. The sun sets earlier and earlier into a deep black at night, and a candle and blanket help me welcome it after the long summer nights where the sun kept us out until as late at 10:00 pm, stilling shining down on us and reminding us to live it up now before we were all back in our base layers.

As the school year begins and we remind the children it’s time to turn to work, I struggle with this myself. The fall calendar with school, events and extra curricular activities beckons me into busy over rest. So while it may feel silly to make a little list and consider how stocked I am on hygge comforts in our German flat, I see them as an investment in my desire to root in, to remember when I’m asked to go out that the invitation must compete with how contented I am in my space with my family and work and myself.

And you know me, I do not think fall needs to mean beige or boring. I found the cutest cozy items for Fall Hygge on Etsy that don’t scrimp on personality. What better way to feel the abundance of fall harvest than support a maker by treating yourself or a friend to something from their Etsy shop?

Fall Hygge on Etsy

Throw Blanket – I love mine to add a pop of print or color for the room. This hand loomed one is so subtle and pretty.

Socks – Cozy and cute. I’m a sucker for playful socks!

Quilt Coat – Really the perfect weight for a fall jacket, I can’t help but wear mine all the time. There’s something more special about it though, from the bight color it adds to the knowing that you’re wearing someone’s handmade art (x2).

Quilted Kathna Robe – I can feel slipping this on right after the shower and how absorbent but warm the quilted cotton will feel. My grandmother always got us robes for Christmas and I was thankful for it all winter.

Handmade Ceramic Mugs – A power mug can start my whole morning in a different direction. It’s the painted rainbow window pane print on these handmade ceramic mugs doing it for me.

Vintage Stoneware Soup Bowls – I’m so excited to have the requests for my butternut squash soup roll in. It’s that time of year. Something special to enjoy it out of would make the tradition even more memorable.

Cowboy Incense Smoker – I have a soft spot for these smoking incense holders. The German cowboy might be my favorite find yet. I use these cones (available in the same Etsy shop) as a signature scent for the flat, lighting one after doing the morning dishes to set the day off.

Concrete Catch All Bowls – A place for everything, even little coins and keys, and everything in its place really helps the smaller flat feel spacious in the darker months.

Wool Slippers– House shoes in the house are the way here, which makes it so much easier. I love that we have a pair for school where children wear them in the classrooms too.

Candles – A fun novelty candle dripping onto it’s plate while I cuddle up with my cozy blanket and a movie? That’s what fall is all about.

Whats on your fall hygee list? Are you excited for the season?


throw blanket // socks // quilt jacket // quilted kathna robe

handmade ceramic mugs // vintage stoneware soup bowls // incense smoker // trinket bowls

wool slippers // candles // marble throw blanket

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