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Right before we did our big trip moving to Germany, I developed a small tick for adding just one more thing to my Amazon cart with my normal household items as I prepped for the journey over. Now that I’m flying slightly more regularly than the last two years, I have some travel favorites from Amazon that I want on hand for trips between home here and home there.

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Green Crocodile Travel Pouch – I love how slim this jewelry pouch is. The crocodile isn’t anything fancy but gives it a vintage Lady of the World vibe for sure.

Olio e Osso Rose Tinted Balm – Best thing to pull out and swipe on cheeks and lips upon landing, in the back of a cab or before going down to the lobby. It’s so easy, hydrating and pretty.

Weleda Skin Food Lip Butter – The juicy essence of the German cult brand Skin Food, this is my favorite balm for the plane. I put it on lips, eyes, boo-boos, cuticles…and whatever I’ll find next!

Caudalie Grape Water Mist – Another travel version of a European pharmacy hero, I like this grape water mist (the essence of my go-to Caudalie Beauty Elixir) as something I can douse myself with on long flights as I start to dry out.

Striped Cotton Pajamas – It only takes once to always make sure I have pajamas (and clean undies) in my carry-on bag. These striped cotton pajamas are my go-to since they are so breathable and comfortable in any climate. I like that they’re appropriate for a quick jaunt to the ice machine.

Laptop Case – Green is my power color. I love this slim and easy sleeve for my laptop while traveling.

Clear TSA-Approved Bags – I used these for the liquids in my bag, but there’s also one for chargers, snacks, kids’ items and the Mom First Aid kit of Tylenol, Band-Aids and melatonin. It is so nice to pull things out in groups and be able to see it all.

Clear Makeup Bags – I just ordered these as I know my clear pouch obsession will not fade soon. I love this chic option for vanity products – every detail makes a difference when we’re on the road.

Packing Cubes – Again, it sounds weird to put your things in little bags before they go in the big bag, until it’s late and you just got ton the hotel and someone needs a pair of pajamas immediately and, thanks to the cubes, you know just where they are. I’m pink and my daughter’s pink stripes, so even sharing a suitcase we know what’s up.

Wrap Around Eye Mask – So comfortable and stays on so it really works.

Wikki Sticks – These are fun and easy to re-use. Keeping them as a travel novelty (not a home toy) helps!

Battery Charger Packs – Life saving.

Activated Charcoal – Also life saving, for different reasons.

Dr Jart Ceramidin Sheet Mask – Hell yeah I put one on after the dinner cart has come by. I don’t know people on this plane but I do know folks where I’m going. These are so thick for keeping as much hydration in your skin as possible.

Snoopy Dad Hat – Let us give thanks to the Dad hat trend, making it so easy to hit the ground running after a long flight. Snoop-a-loop.

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What’s in your Amazon cart before a big trip? Share it below!

Amazon Travel Favorites

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