The Best Dresses for European Travel

I’ve had so much luck lately finding the best dresses for European travel, and thanks to lots of after school errands to run, plenty of time to test a few on the cobblestone streets here.

The sun is out for spring, town is exploding with blooming vines and color and its time for shoulders and ankles to come out to see the light of day. Even for this Texas girl, Europe can be surprisingly warm – in that no air-conditioning, sticky, “nothing touch me,” the 8 year old is walking around the flat in her underwear the minute she gets home kind of way.

Because of this, the best dresses for European travel have a certain formula. The right length lets a breeze go through while being easy to walk in and good coverage for picnics or, maybe, running through the train station. I like shoulders off to catch all the sunshine and fresh air I can, and an easy fabric that breathes and can even wash in the sink and hang dry on the balcony if you’re staying over here a while and need to freshen it up.

The Best Dresses for European Travel

As I’ve been rounding out my wardrobe since moving to Freiburg, Germany, I’ve been on the look out for those special qualities found in the best dresses for European travel. I love this collection of breezy, chic dresses with personality – from $35 finds to vintage! Just add a sun hat and straw bag to be ready to walk for miles in the sunshine when you get here!

What do you think makes the perfect European travel dress? Which one’s your favorite?

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