Gifts for Mom from Etsy

gifts for Mom on Etsy

I have to be honest that, once I become a Mother myself, I discovered that my favorite gifting holiday is Mother’s Day. There’s something about seeing what my family puts on the breakfast tray for me – from a card made at school to a bauble or handmade coupon for an experience – that really make me feel seen. The picks seem to always surprise and delight me in their thoughtfulness and originality. I love seeing my daughter perched at the foot of my bed, eagerly wanting to see my face and know if her gift puts on a smile on mine. It’s the same hopefulness that I’ll be able to make my Mom feel reciprocity in her knowing and care for me that I still feel when I shop for my Mom.

My Mom nurtured my creativity so much growing up. She loved to bust out a craft kit on a bored summer day, took me antiquing all over town and often had a booth at local craft fairs with her latest projects. I think that’s why I’m love finding gifts for Mom on Etsy. It’s easy to evoke the feeling of shopping for Mom at a local craft fair or vintage shop, just from my flat in Germany shipped to her front door in Texas. And with 85% of Etsy shop owners being women, it’s nice to think I’m supporting another female-owned creative business as we celebrate women and Motherhood.

Here’s a few of my favorite gifts for Moms on Etsy this year!

Gifts for Mom on Etsy

Fruit Napkin Rings – I love everything from this Colombian Etsy shop! These napkin rings are so chic and happy for a summer table.

Disco Mushrooms – Be still my heart. I know exactly where to put one in our new flat so it throws sparkles on the walls all day.

Pleated Foldable Sun Hat – Please make sure to offer a canoe and picnic date with this.

Straw Market Tote – Chic Euro Moms need a straw market, even if they are in America going to Target. I love the straps on this bag and all of the finds in this French owned raffia bag shop. You can’t go wrong.

Jade and Rose Quartz Crystal Necklace – I love this shop run by a Mom I used to see in Dallas! Her Mala necklaces are life changing, I guarantee it.

Block Print Dress – So pretty for the pool, lake or errands on the hottest days of summer.

Claude Monet Sweatshirt – I love the 90’s Mom look trending right now because we need to admit, 90’s Moms were doing the most. I want to throw this on with some biker shorts and Keds to go to the library and maybe even the museum, like a good 90’s Mom.

Snake Necklace – So chic. White tank, cream pants, leather sandals, snake necklace, big sunnies. All summer. I want one!!

Gardening Gloves – I am so into my first flower garden right now! A chic and sturdy glove makes all the difference in motivating that daily maintenance.

Chenille Robe – If Mom doesn’t have a robe, she needs one and if she has one, she could use a fresh one. Chenille robes remind me of the one I had in middle school that Melissa Joan Hart wore on Sabrina the Teenage Witch – classic but quirky and ready for another revival.

Turkish Bath Towels – So cute for the pool or by the bathtub. Roll it up and put it in the market tote with her favorite magazine and expensive sunscreen she doesn’t usually buy for herself. And a pass for a solo pool day. She works hard for you guys!!

Colored Glass Taper Candle Holders – So pretty! Mom and Grandma would love these.

Personal Recipe Cutting Board – This is my first year without either of my grandmothers alive, and I would love any of their recipes on a cutting board.

Evil Eye Bead Bracelets – Protect your mother!

Flower Embroidery Kit – So pretty and I love seeing great reviews on the instructions. Childcare to enjoy the kit is part of the gift! What a nice memory she can display on her vanity.

What do you love to get your Mom? Do you have a favorite Etsy shop? Share them below!

gifts for mom on etsy

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