Handmade Valentine’s Day: Gifts & Decorations

I am a Christmas over-decorator. It’s a special season at home and I am that person who likes a little something special in almost every corner of the house so I can walk around in the morning, sipping my coffee from my Christmas mug, and savor the season. By January when everything is packed up and back in the garage, I’m feeling done with all the “extra cheer.” I think my family is too!

With that, decorating for Valentine’s is usually an after-thought, but with staying at home through winter this year I knew we needed something special, even if it was simple.

When I found these Valentine’s Putz Houses through a friend, they qualified as a “need.” I love how they are a little more minimal than our DIY Christmas Putz House village but special in their own right with the adorable laser cut hearts. They’re the perfect mini-project to assemble and became the inspiration jump start for our DIY Valentine’s mantle decorations. I think these little houses would be the sweetest gift to send to a friend who needs a little cheer and activity right now!

To fill things out, I added red and pink taper candles to candlesticks I had around the house. My seven-year-old and I have had a blast with this $20 marbling kit. We dipped paper heart doilies and flower arranging with children and carnations and chamomile from the store looked so sweet in vases from the dollar store. The extra


Valentine’s Day is the perfect little break in winter to celebrate love in friendships, family and romance. It’s a good excuse for me to support some great makers who create beautiful gift as well! I rounded up some of my favorite gift picks from Etsy that are all below $45 for ways to support artists and show love without breaking the bank.


How do you like to celebrate the holiday? Are you a keep-it-simple or go-all-out-for-love type of person? Happy season to you, no matter how you celebrate!