“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place we can go as we are and not be questioned.” – Maya Angelou

“Being full of affection for one’s goofy, self-centered, cranky, annoying self is home. It’s where world peace begins.” – Anne Lamott

Hi! We’re the Neubauers. Markus has been: a punk rock skateboarder, road cyclist, engineer and Mr Do It All for Everyone Dad. Lilly’s done the art scene, non-profit scene, fashion retail scene, “look at how I’m the perfect Mom” scene. We’ve finally decided we’re ready to just be ourselves.

As we set out to live more open heartedly as our truest selves in all we do, we’re also settling-in to our new home, being intentional to create a life and environment for our family to be able to grow and share love. Here too, we’re out to build a space for imperfect self-expression that we hope can help others – not because we know everything but because we’re an example of how free life can feel once we decide that we do not have to know everything in order to be happy. To us, an environment that is home comes from intentional and personal design choices, routines, communication and, most importantly, a strong connection to and love for ourselves as we are.

We are not the subject matter experts. We do not follow one method neatly, nor are we the best people to offer you any answers you’re seeking (pssst – you are though!).

We’re just here. Open hearted, so grateful for the lessons we get to experience in life and for the power we have when we share these lessons without shame. We believe that with an open heart and an open home that inspires and showcases your authenticity and creative interests, there is no failure – the lessons you need will make their way to you in perfect timing – and then abundance abounds.

When you’re here, just act like you’re visiting our real home! Be yourself, feel welcomed, snoop around a little and share what you’re thinking and feeling too.

Want to talk one-on-one? Hit us up at lillycneu[at]gmail.com

Family photo by Danielle Doby.