At my daughter’s fifth birthday party, I was delighted to see that a friend of mine had gifted the birthday girl a craft kit. The kit included all of the art supplies for kids to make a “yarn llama,” which felt like a delightful intersection of our interests in art and animals. I threw it […]

My “journey through the seasons” feels best described by Leandra Medine Cohen – Love summer, hate everything else. To me, the long days, carefree spirit and sizzling temperatures of summer should be the baseline of our days, all year long. Winter can really feel like just the waiting game until next summer. It’s the first […]

On top of all of our Dallas pick-your-own farm trips last summer, I cajoled Markus for a garden of our very own. Never mind that I knew nothing about gardening and had always found it relatively futile when there was perfectly nice food waiting at the store. Like most of my ideas, my new found […]